Are you a gift-giver who values enjoyment in giving more than the practicality of the gift? Here are some ideas for you!

Also check out our guide to fun gifts for kids, as well as our guide to more practical gifts!


Makeup / Nail polish

  • 10 Free Life - Nail polish made in the USA from plants!
  • blume - Lots of feminine products with a focus on inclusiveness and sustainability!
  • mented - Makeup and nail polish from a black-owned company that is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA!


  • Brilliant Earth - Seems like an ethical diamond company!
  • Carved - Jewelry and unique wooden smartphone cases!
  • Solios - Solar-powered watches from a B-Corp!


  • EAROS - Cheap in-ear headphones made in the USA!
  • U-Turn Audio - Turntables and pre-amps made in the USA!

Random goods

  • magnus - A rotating offering, so be sure to check out his store page, but well-crafted goods made out of titanium that should last a long time!