Are you a gift-giver who values enjoyment in giving more than the practicality of the gift? Here are some ideas for you!

Also check out our guide to fun gifts for adults, as well as our guide to more practical gifts!

Gifts for kids of all ages

  • Green Kid Crafts - STEAM games for kids of all ages!
  • Haptic Lab - Quilts and kites!
  • Maple Landmark - Handcrafted wooden toys for kids of all ages!
  • Learning Resources - Toys and games for kids to accidentally learn while having fun!
  • Palumba - Lots of options for kids, something here for everyone! Most products made in the USA.

Gifts for kids ages 0-1 (baby)

  • Oli&Carol - Natural rubber teethers and toys!

Gifts for kids ages 1-3 (toddler)

  • Across The Board - The drawing island would be perfect for kids this age!
  • Tree To Box - Trains, toyboxes, dollhouses, and more, oh my!

Gifts for kids ages 3-5 (preschooler)

  • Lapp's Toys - Wooden trains, dollhouses, marble sets, furniture, and more, made in the USA!
  • Marble Genius - I had this growing up and loved it!
  • SmartGames - Games to work the brain!

Gifts for kids ages 5-10 (school)

  • Across The Board - Handcrafted wooden games for kids (and adults!)
  • Brainwright - Games to make kids think!
  • Radio Flyer - A classic brand that offers a lot of different ways to be active outside!
  • SmartGames - Also games for older kids!
  • Snake Eyes - Outdoor games that can be enjoyed by everyone!