Who made this?

This is a collection of information processed and categorized by p-hovs.

How are you different from other sites?

Unlike other sites, the information gathered is completely independent from any of the companies being indexed. This project is bootstrapped with no outside investments, meaning there are no biases in the information gathered, or investors to report to. I pledge to keep this site independent and self-sufficient to preserve it's tegridy. Also, I find the ability to filter products and companies by different ethical characteristics in a single place to be quite useful, and I hope you do as well. Doing research to find ethical companies is time-consuming, and the goal of this website is to provide the information in a quick and useful format.

Why is there a "Search on Google Maps" link for products?

While buying locally does not always mean buying directly from a company, purchasing locally is still undoubtedly good for the local economy, and is likely more environmentally friendly than purchasing from some stores online. If an ethically made product is already available locally to you, that is the best purchasing option.

How was this site built?

This site uses the following software and services to operate, for those interested: